Community & Philanthropy

Community Service is the Heart & Philanthropy is the Soul

The Saturday Club is committed to contributing our time and energy to helping those in need and to enhancing the quality of life in our greater community. Community Service and Outreach Projects and Philanthropy are the cornerstones of our club’s mission.

Our members find community service and outreach activities to be a very rewarding part of their club experience. Group and individual service projects provide opportunities to lend valuable assistance, build friendships, and expand individual interests and talents while helping others in need.

We partner with other charitable organizations in the greater Philadelphia region and determine how our members can help by volunteering their time, conducting needs drives, and other means of support. To see the types of activities and projects we have conducted and the organizations we have supported, please click here.

Since its inception, our club has been philanthropic in its mission. As a club, we strive to support other non-profit organizations that enrich the lives of women, children, and families. Our philanthropic contributions are made possible by the hard work and enthusiasm contributed by each club member toward our various fundraising activities.

In its recent history, The Saturday Club has made sizable donations to children’s charities serving the greater Philadelphia region through nine years of producing the American Girl Fashion Show (2003-2011). Along with monies raised from other fundraisers, including the sales of our award-winning cookbooks, we have been able to help many other important causes in our community.

In April of each year, the club awards a round of Saturday Club Philanthropy Grants to area non-profit organizations. Organization eligibility and application information may be found under the Philanthropy section of our website.