Cotillion FAQ


Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Cotillion. If you still have questions after reviewing these, please contact us at or 610.688.9746.

What is appropriate attire for the Cotillion?
Boys are required to dress in coats, ties, and hard-soled shoes. Girls are required to wear dresses or dress skirts with blouses, flats or low heels, and white gloves. Sandals, mules, or boots are not acceptable footwear for Cotillion.

Why does my daughter need white gloves?
For girls, white gloves are not a social requirement based on propriety or a fashion statement. The purpose of the gloves is to make our students feel more comfortable in holding hands and dancing with one another. For your convenience, you may order white gloves with your registration and they will be ready for your daughter(s) on the first day of class.

If my child has a learning or physical disability, can s/he still participate in Cotillion?
Absolutely! Please contact the Cotillion Committee in advance of classes to discuss any special requirements.

What is your refund policy?
Unfortunately, there are no refunds with the exception of extraordinary circumstances, in fairness to the students who are placed on waiting lists.

Isn’t Cotillion just dance classes?
No. The Saturday Club Cotillion is a social education program that uses dance as a tool to teach social and character skills that are not normally covered in school. Cotillion provides the appropriate venue to instruct students in the areas of respect, courtesy, and consideration, as well as teaching students how to introduce themselves appropriately, the importance of dress and appearance, as well as the basics in table manners and etiquette.

In truth, students without this knowledge may lack the confidence to succeed when it comes to the real world. Cotillion ensures that your child will have the tools they need to feel confident in any situation.

Through the education students learn to be comfortable with themselves and others, communicate better, and develop respect and self-confidence with the opposite sex. The training develops positive, healthy habits that offer long-term advantages and opportunities in developing relationships. The Cotillion is not about “punch and cookies”.