Board of Directors

We welcome women aged 21 and older who are looking for an opportunity to enrich their lives through volunteering in the community and philanthropic endeavors. We think you will find that the Club is a great way to meet new people, develop life-long friendships, and cultivate an awareness of your community.

We are a friendly group of ladies who are always looking for enthusiastic women to join us in achieving our goals. We look to new members to infuse the organization with new ideas and help keep the club fresh and modern.

Many prospective members are introduced by current members, but our doors are always open to any woman who is looking to join our club!

Membership Categories

There are three categories of membership at The Saturday Club:

  • Active Member – All new members join as an Active Member. Active Members fulfill annual requirements that support the bulk of the club’s projects and activities throughout the year. For further details, please see the Member Requirements section of the website.
  • After four (4) years of successful Active Member service, members may remain as an Active Member or transition into Intermediate Member or Social Member status. Both Intermediate Members and Social Members enjoy the full benefits of membership in the club. Intermediate Members fulfill a reduced number of Member Requirements that allows a more immediate connection to the club, and Keystone Members are the women who are no longer actively participating in requirements but wish to maintain a lifelong bond with the club.
Prospective Members

Interested in learning more about membership in The Saturday Club? Please visit the Prospective Members section of our website for more details. We look forward to meeting you!